Friday, July 30, 2010


Why should I take the time to cook fresh meals when fast food is so cheap and easy?  Good, whole-food meals really minister to and bless your family's spirit and body after a hectic day.  Well-balanced, fresh meals also improve you family's overall health and habits.  Obesity rates are skyrocketing and our health is suffering from an over-dependence of fast, unhealthful, processed foods.  But how do we do find time to cook with so many demands on our time?

Over the years, I've learned having an organized menu is the quickest way for me to get delicious and healthful meals on the table. This way, I can concentrate on cooking and creating, not on planning every day.  I shop and think once for the week, and after that I "coast."  Menus are one tool to strategically answer that Question of the Day, "What's for Dinner, MOM?" and to help get you in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible!

As soon as you sip your first cup of morning coffee, ask yourself,  "Mom, what's for dinner?"Mom, What's for Dinner?  is a place for me to collect and share some of the menus that I have been using with my family.  I will add my menus as time and schedule allow.

Go ahead and explore the menus at the left sidebar.  They are hyperlinked and ready to use.  Toujours bon appetit!